What The Forgotten Heroes Do

The Forgotten Heroes is committed to providing quality information and assistance in an effort to upgrade the quality of life for our heroes and their families by raising the standards of support for those who have given what we can never repay.

In support of our core mission to improve the quality of life of the carers of wounded and injured servicemen and women by providing access to quality information and services.

Services and Assistance provided by The Forgotten Heroes:

  • To Provide quality advice and signposting regarding access to services, benefits and assistance for carers and injured service personnel.
  • To Improve quality of life support, including befriending, signposting to local support groups, helping with lost medals, and other personal issues.
  • To undertake an advocacy role to support carers and disabled service personnel in disputes.
  • To offer debt management advice and assistance and financial counseling.
  • To provide respite care for wounded and injured service personnel, to enable short-term breaks for their carers.
  • To provide respite holidays for wounded and injured service personnel and their families and carers.
  • To offer employment support by providing help and advice to help carers and disabled ex-service personnel find suitable employment opportunities.
  • To offer employment preparation training or employment re-training support.
  • To offer training for carers to assist them to be more effective in their role, and to improve their confidence.
  • To provide equipment and adaptations for the home environment to assist carers in their daily caring activities, and to assist wounded or injured service personnel live as independently as possible, whilst assisting both carers and wounded or injured service personnel with daily living.

As we raise more funds and develop our portfolio of services, more will become available. If you feel that we can help or assist you, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you a wounded or injured serviceman or woman, or are a carer, please complete the form below for help and advice from The Forgotten Heroes: