Ed Milliband joins our Patrons

The Forgotten Heroes is beginning to draw huge admiration & support from many influential circles.

Recently, the Leader of the opposition decided to join The Forgotten Heroes as a Patron of the charity. Ed Miliband said in his letter, ‘I am grateful for your kind invitation to become a Patron for The Forgotten Heroes and for the information you provided for what is a clearly important & much needed charity’

Adam Douglas; Chairman & Co Founder of The Forgotten Heroes, said: “We’re thrilled that The Right Honourable Ed Miliband has chosen to help us in our mission, and we wish him all the best for agreeing to become a Patron.

‘The Forgotten Heroes’ is the UK’s first nationally-recognised charity dedicated to supporting the carers of wounded and injured military veterans. Staffed entirely by volunteers, the majority of whom are former servicemen and women and their carers, the charity provides help and support to carers whose lives have been changed dramatically by disablement of their loved ones during military service.

Ed Miliband joins a long list of Bishops, Lords Members of Parliament, former members of the Armed Forces & celebrities.